Saturday, April 20, 2019
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The Shadow's opinions are his own and don't necessarily reflect the views of Wheaterville. But he might me right - who are we to say?
Catching Up With the Glendo Shadow
Well it seems as though winter is beginning. The leaves are off the trees and the light of day is shining on our sleepy little town once again. We seem to have had an uneventful summer season. Glendo Days was good, the Mud Bog a success and there seemed to be almost as many people at the park and in town. Could be the economy didn’t affect us as much as we thought it would. The Emergency Vehicle is well under way and has a projected completion date of Jan. 2010 unless we get some really bad weather.

Once again the town election is coming to the fore front. Although it is several months away there are stirrings in the citizen ranks. Not much doubt on the Mayor part but a lot of guesses about the council side of the equation. Not much for Susan to run on this time. Jay has brought most of the important projects to completion. The sewers are finished; the water system is up to speed. The rates have increased to cover costs because it had been so long without an increase and as stated above the new building is going up before our very eyes.

There is one troubling thing going on in the city government again. The rumors coming out of the council meetings is that the water billing system is in the arrears again to the tune of $5000 give or take a couple of bucks. This was a problem in the past and had seemed to be taken care of and we are wondering how and why it seems to be slipping back into the same old routine. I’m sure there are people hurting but they need to come forward and ask for help rather than just not pay their bills. If the hurting people are friends of the council member’s maybe it’s time to talk it over with them and see what sort of help is available!! The word out of the last council meeting was that they sort of threw the Town Clerk under the bus and declared it her problem. How could that be?? I thought the Council ran the town and she worked for them?? Brenda works hard at her job and needs the council to back her up with some hard rules that they step up and put their name to not push it off on the workers. Maybe that could be Susan’s next campaign promise!!!!

Did I forget to mention the new town sign?? It turned out nice but sits a little low and is sort of hard to see. The workman ship is really nice but maybe some lighting might help!! What do you citizens have to say?
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Now, the Shadow on Health Care
I didn’t realize it was my turn to talk about health care but here I go! Let’s begin with a quote I found. Sorry I can’t remember who said it.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

  I notice several things with a lot of the rants about this subject on this site. It seems that anyone that already has it is some sort of bad guy no matter how they obtained it. Why is that??

One seems upset over those that have VA care but I’m sure he or she had the same opportunity to join the service like they did. Could it be that when they saw others going into the military they figured they were stupid?? Those that have it thru their work also seem to be bad guys for some reason!! Once again I’m stumped on that. I assume we should demonize those that put forth the effort to get enough skills to get ahead in this world and found good employment with bennies but I wonder why. Did those that said they hated school and wouldn’t go any further ever wonder what life would be like for them down the road? Now that those people have obtained some sort of “better life” are they to feel guilty for those that refused to do what they did??

I do understand that private insurance is out of reach of some no matter what but what gives the government the right to take away from those that put forth the effort to get ahead and give it to those that didn’t or wouldn’t even try? If you now regret your past choices why do you feel it’s the government’s job or duty to bail you out?? You can still help heal the situation but it will take a lot of effort on your part. It’s not too late to band together with those in the same situation.
Begin searching for answers. Get your group together with local doctors and ask for their advice. There must be some companies out there that will write something for your group. It may be that a starting point would be just catastrophic coverage that covers major problems while your group works toward better coverage. Check out our state and find out what mandates they have on companies writing insurance in our state. The more people that lobby the folk’s downstate for change the better chance you have. Why should you have to pay coverage you don’t want or need?

If you are too old to have a baby why would you want that coverage and that goes for a lot of things. A lot of the states mandate those sorts of things and all have to pay. I see a lot of people that turn out to help at brandings. Why wouldn’t those same groups of people having the same problems with their insurance flock out to help solve them?? If you can get something like this done you will still be free and in control of more of your life. 
I know this goes against popular thinking but its things like this that made this a great country and will keep it that way. Remember the cry of the 60s “Power to the people”. Well this is how you get it.
Those that you feel are the connected ones started out unconnected. You can become connected if you come together and get behind those that want to make it better thru hard work and group effort. Will you get everything you want?? I doubt it but when you find out that everyone gets a piece of the pie I think you might feel better about your town and it’s people. Who knows, you might even become an example to small towns around the country that are having the same problems!!
Once again, I am the Shadow
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Nothing on Health Care, But a Little on Everything Else
To the dismay of some I am still here lurking in the shadows of Glendo. I have been enjoying the nifty summer and keeping up with all the hullaballoo on this website. Great dialog going on and that’s what keeps honest people honest. The others, only jail time solves that!!

I have read a lot of Dr. King’s writings and speeches and our country today looks nothing like what his vision was. Too bad because what he envisioned would have been great. I did run across another quote from a guy by the name of John Milton. Try Google if you want to know who he is! He noted years ago: those who want truth to prevail can tolerate free speech, because truth eventually will win out, but those who proclaim falsehood must be totalitarian: they can only survive and thrive by throttling discussion.

What’s happening Glendo? Glendo days went off without a major hitch even with the city council trying their best to make it fail. The Mud Bog drew a big crowd and the food people even had “funnel cakes”. How cool is that. The Pair-a-dice has reopened and the food is very good. You might want to stop by and say hello to Amy. The menu is big for such a small place. Much more than just burgers!!

They are moving along on the new Emergency vehicle building. They are not calling it a fire hall!! It will be 80 x 120 and have 4 doors on each side. They began advertizing and the response has been really good according to Brenda. There will be a pre bid meeting Aug. 3 and a bid opening on Aug. 17. With any luck at all something should happen before the snow flies. Once it is finished it should spiffy up the look of Main Street.
I’m sure a lot of you out there are beginning to feel the pinch in today’s economy. I’m sure people would be interested in hearing any ideas you might have on how to snug up to get along. This would be the time to reacquaint with your friends and neighbors rather than pick a fight over small things. It’s a lot easier with a bunch of people pulling the cart than it is pulling it by your self!! The first things those that want to run every aspect of our lives have to do is get the people fighting among them selves. If you are looking for the “free lunch” thing remember some one has to pay. Who would you like that some one to be? How about you kids or maybe even your parents? Something to think about.
From out of the dark places in Glendo,
I am the Shadow!!
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The Shadow and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Good day all!!
  I’ve been sitting here watching the good people of Glendo and the surrounding area beat up on Looking In and wondering why those of us that attempt to shine the light on what appears to be potential problems even bother. Then I ran across a quote from Martin Luther King that sums it very well!!
Here it is:
"We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. We bring it out in the open, where it can be seen and dealt with. Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion before it can be cured."
-- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. writing on racism in Letter from a Birmingham Jail
It settles my soul to know that there are others out there that look in the mirror when they get up in the morning and know that they must speak out against the problems that exist around the. They are mostly railed against by those that fear what others think about them or fear someone making waves that might shake up the “status quo” but that inner peace that comes with standing up for right even though others think it wrong is worth it!! When you stop and think about it the status quo had to start somewhere. It didn’t just pop up out of thin air. Sometimes the status quo is the winner after the debate settles into meaningful discussions and that’s fine also but we need to look at all the options before we settle on that.

  I feel bad that Woody took some time off but I see he left another hammer in charge of his duties.

  Well I can’t sign off without mentioning Glendo Days. The weekend of July 4th & 5th they will be in full swing with all the usual events. Garage sales, parade, bingo, free food as always and much more. The Mud Bog will be on Sunday the 5th so come on up that weekend and join in the fun!!
As always,
The Shadow

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The SHADOW is Back! Watch Out Glendo!
I know!! You thought Woody with his Che tee shirt and black beret scared me off. Well I’m back much to your dismay. I have been keeping up with the news here on the page and I think the best of the year so far was the “farting dog” post.

I’m also glad to see you folks gang up on the powers to be and keep poor old Hubert out of jail. The guy that said you can’t have it both ways is right but unfortunately around here you can’t seem to have it either way!!

  Well now that I have declared spring officially here it’s time once again to pull back the “blackout curtains” in Glendo and let the outside world know what’s going on!! 

  The sewer project is in full swing to the delight of many people in town. Had a small set back as the project superintendent dropped dead and fell into the hole. A lot of rumors flying around town that day. Some of the kids came home from school thinking he died because he got his head caught in the new sewer line.

It appears they are making progress on the new building for the fire trucks and such. A company came in the other day and had the building that’s sucking the fumes out of the ground moved almost in the blink of an eye. The city needs to keep their card in their file. I assume there will soon be demo going on with the old building but I have not seen a time line. I did see a rendering of it and it will spruce up the main dray a lot.

  I heard rumors that Susan got sort of surly at the last city counsel meeting about the new welcome sign but “heard no evil- see no evil & speak no evil” went along with her and we are about to get a $4500 welcome sign sitting down below the road across the street from Howard’s. It will be large and I can’t wait for the comments. The competition for the job seemed to be on the up and up so no complaints there!! 

Glendo days is cranking up again and once again the city council seems to be doing everything they can to make it fail. They threw $2000 dollars at the Mud Bog project with only a mild request but refuse to land any sort of helping hand to Glendo days. I know the Mud Bog people give most everything they make to town projects but so does Glendo Days. Why do you suppose they treat them so differently??? 

It appears the push to move “Cottonwood Hall” to town is off the books for now and they are going to rent it out for special occasions like weddings and such. You might want to keep that in mind if you are in the market for something like that it’s in a very nice setting for a large family get together. 

I see the state is trying to stick it to those hated “greenies” again but not allowing them to buy a season camping pass. That should slow things down for the businesses’ here in Glendo. They say they are just trying to generate more revenue. They must have studied economics under Barry and his crew!! Why not just raise the season pass $100. The people wouldn’t be as upset over that. 
Oh and by the way. Wouldn’t the correct term be “homosexual marriage???”

What say you?
The Shadow
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Wethinks, A Kinder and Gentler Shadow
No I haven’t forgotten about Woody. I have been thinking a lot about the problem most of you seem to having with health care. Yes I had a job in another life time with insurance but did raise two kids with no health care. Things were somewhat cheaper then and you could pay as you went.
I saw something about signing the Schip bill into law the other day. That’s the one that insures children of parents that have none or can’t afford insurance. It covers dental & eyes. Some of you should qualify under that.
My question for you is why don’t you begin talking among yourselves and see just how many of you there are out there. I know a lot of you don’t get along but it’s time to suck that stuff up and move on. You will need a couple of people to step up and get the ball rolling. Call a public meeting. If anyone shows up it will be a starting point. I’m sure Wheaterville would sound the drum for you on it!! Pick a leader or a group to look into options like the Schip. Look into forming a group, the larger the better, to see if you could get some sort of group insurance. Talk to businesses in town to see how they do it. Maybe you become some sort of Coop that would be able to offer it to the other small towns in the area. I’m sure they are having the same problems you are.
Wouldn’t it be better to take the “bull by the horns” than wait for the government to come to the rescue?? I have a good friend that’s a doctor in a big city and is the worlds biggest liberal. He has been involved in public health for his whole career. He says that if we let the government take over health care they will only screw it up. It’s the people that solve the problems not the government!!

The Shadow
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Sticks and Stones
I have to say I am disappointed with some of your comments. It seemed we were about to enter a dialog in the arena of ideas when all of a sudden the “attack dogs” arrived.
I did say “could it be” when I asked the question about health care. I will look that up but you could have at least told us what your thoughts on the rise in costs were rather than assume I am unread.
It seems that a lot of the comments are like listening to CNN. I’m sure most of you have formed your opinions on more than that. I know a lot of us are single or maybe even two issue voters but we should have some ideas on the other issues facing us. Have you ever questioned yourself to see if you might just be going along with the crowd and have not thought the issue thru? We never talk age but I guess that would have a lot to do with your world view.
You may continue to beat up on me and those that agree with me but remember that old kid’s saying “sticks and stones”. How about laying your ideas out in a nice logical way so we can all begin to see your side of the story. We may not agree but at least we will all know you have thought it thru and made up your own mind.
And yes that is my go to argument and I don’t think the war was illegal.

My question to everyone is: how much of our lives do we want the government to control and when it gets to that point who will be there to stop it?

The Shadow
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On Taxes, Health Care, and Big Business
I just knew there was someone out there that wanted to come out and play. All it took was one comment. Good job all!!

I give you the fact that the Repubcrats lost their mind over spending. Maybe DC is just evil and we should move the Gov. to someplace like Wyoming so they would want to do their job and go home because there were no fancy parties to attend!! 

I think a lot of people like me didn’t vote got McCain but rather voted against Barry O. I find it hard to vote for a man that stands for everything I am against but that’s just me!! I figure Abortion is every one’s choice but I still don’t understand why my tax money has to pay for it. The people that are against smoking don’t have to pay for the smoker’s stuff. I’m one of those fools that still like freedom and don’t need the feds telling what to eat and so forth. 

As far as I can see health care is not a right. Looking back a ways in history could it be that when we began allowing the lawyers to sue anyone in sight and the doctors had to get bigger & bigger insurance policies to protect them self the cost began to rise to where it is today. Maybe we should do something about “tort reform”.
If we stick it to every big business in the country who is it that will be paying for all those things that we are asking the Gov. to supply us with? I suppose the Gov. could print more money but doesn’t that cause inflation? Who wants to take a wheelbarrow full of money to the store to buy some food? Like it or not business is what makes this country run. That includes ranchers, farmers and all those small business folks around your town. I’m sure everyone out there understands that when they raise taxes on business they pass it along to us!! I think drunk drivers are bad news but I don’t want them to tax the bars out of business or even the package business. Isn’t it about time we figured out that we don’t have to participate in or even listen to things we don’t agree with. Do we really need the Gov. to silence everything and everyone that disagrees with them??

As far as worldview goes, my hasn’t really changed as much as it has matured. My Father told ne that would happen as I grew older. Still a lot of people out there that feel they got shafted along the line and want to get even but they can’t figure it out on their own so they want Gov. or someone else to do it for them. What happens when you get what you want and those below you decide they are going to take your away because it’s unfair that they don’t have the same thing?? How will that affect your worldview?
That’s enough for now!!
The Shadow
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A Different Sort of Shadow
It’s me again!!

  It seems that the “Beer Party” has every thing covered here in Glendo! Our water bill has increased along with the trash and sewer. Still no new sewer lines and it seems that the money the town poured down that deep hole to park the ambulance now has to be torn down and a new building built. It should improve the face of Main Street tho!!

  I was wondering if some of you folks out there would like to come and play at a different sort of column for a time till something else breaks that might need our attention. I know there are people of all ages and backgrounds reading this page so I thought maybe it was time we got to know each other better.

We could talk about worldview and how we each came to that way of looking at the world around us. Who knows we may even discover we are looking at the world thru a filter we didn’t know we had. There is always a reason we think and act like we do. Wouldn’t it be fun to explain it to others?? You might even be able to swing someone over to your worldview!!

I notice a lot of people go into the “attack mode” when someone thinks differently than they do and I remember it wasn’t always like that. People used to be able answer tough questions about their worldview with out becoming angry. We might even be able to bring a new era of “civil discourse” to our area. It has to begin somewhere why not here?? Think of how easy it would be to explain yourself without anyone knowing who you are. You might even make a friend that you wouldn’t mind telling them your name!!!

The Shadow
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Hello-Goodbye!! Hello?

You are correct that the Shadow has melded into the darkness for the time being!! We figured it was the better part of valor before they begin to implement the fairness doctrine on this page now that all their liberal buddies are in power.

This is not the first and probably won’t be the last battle we have lost and managed to live thru but we do have to go off and lick our wounds for a time. I’m sure there will be other battles to fight in the near future and hopefully this site will allow us back on at that time.

I would like to wish all of you out there a Happy New Year and thank everyone for the spirited debate over the last few months. If anyone has a hot topic maybe we could resume our discussions!! I’m open to anything!! 

Still the Shadow and watching from the darkness!!!

Note from Ace et al:

Welcome back Shadow! "We're not red states and blue states, we're the United States." Yep, it's the Liberals turn to run things. Let's see if it'll work :)

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It's The Shadow's Turn to Ask Some Questions!
Good Day All!! 

Kudos to everyone for playing nice over the holiday weekend! I assume everyone had better things to do than play on this site. It appears that LMAO may make a good referee if they are up to it.

Well I think it’s time to get back down to business. I asked if any of you out there had any questions for the city council and have yet to get one. I thought maybe if I listed a few you could pick one or maybe they would stir up so you hadn’t thought about. 

Maybe a good starting point would be the latest posts concerning those “elected officials” in Wheaterville. Let’s use their concerns to shine a light on what we have been promised here in Glendo that has yet to materialize. Remember tho, we are in the “playing nice” stage so keep it civil.


#1- What ever happened to “The Economic Development”? There was a person assigned to that.


#2- Where’s the sign for the town on the highway. There is money sitting there for it.


#3- Did we get the information for the Capitol One project in on time?


It appears that the people down state put the noise problem off till next time. Will someone from the city council be working on that project to see if there are any funds currently available for us to work out the problem on our own?

 Will the city council ever get up nerve enough to appoint a citizens group made up of people other than those that agree with every thing they do or to help them work on the town projects that they are too busy to complete?

That should get us started. I’ll be looking for your e-mail


Till we meet again!! 

The Shadow
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O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
Note from Ace: Cranky's gonna get all cranked up about this but as long as they take anyone's name in vain they may shout their style to the world of Wheaterville with my blessing. Because I say so :)

I know the “Ace” is more than able to defend what they do but you have hit on a sore spot with me that I want to take a shot at defending.

You ask for a definition of America when it appears you would like to define it for the rest of us. Well here it is!!

 America is number one the country with the freedom that allows putzs like you to think you are cute and have some sort of secret knowledge that us common folks lack. Oh yeah it’s also the country where a lot of us volunteer to serve in the military to protect your right to be a putz!! This country even allows the likes of you to whine when ever someone exposes you for what you are and maybe get someone in power to come to your aid.

 This is the country where you should be able to live in harmony with your neighbors even if your color or opinions don’t match theirs. I know that doesn’t always work but it’s a lot better than it used to be.

 This is also a country where we attempt to hold those in power up to the light of day and make them responsible to those they are in charge of. There are still people out here that are willing to put it on the line to do just that.

 Would we like you off this site? I don’t think so because we still stand for the principles stated above. Just be man or women enough to pick a title and stick with it. It may be hard for you to communicate on out level but I’m sure someone as smart as you can pull it off!!


The Shadow
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Is That a Rumor I Hear?
Hello again!! 

The Shadow never said s/he/we knew it all. As far as rumors go! If you put a rumor out there and someone has the facts and makes them public, then it’s no longer a rumor.  Could it be that people would rather have a rumor out there than the facts? Isn’t that the big complaint about government today??  I thought everyone wanted government to be transparent so they could know what is going on and get involved if they wanted to.

There may be more than one shadow but they all post “in one accord”. If the Ace just deleted the post the person would continue to try it. I agree the post was funny but why not use your own alias and begin a string of comments?

It may be time someone rose up in the surrounding towns to do the job the Shadow is doing in Glendo. As long as we are into old time radio I think the next one should be The Lone Ranger. There must be one out there!! 

Keep looking over your shoulder!! 

The Shadow 
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Paranoid Stalker! I was just getting used to "Groupie"!
Oh well! I want to thank those that came to my defense. I would have been here sooner but it was hard looking up those terms Mr. Horn used in the dark corners I hang out in. After checking them out I am still unable to figure out what Mr. Horn was trying to say. Maybe he would be so kind to explain it to us in simpler terms. You know come down to our level of education. If a person was somewhere when something happened and they reported what they saw and heard would that then become a fact? By the way! Was that Horn guy they hung in Cheyenne any relation??

If anyone would like to see the books or whatever from the Glendo Day women feel free to call Dorothy Williams. She would be more than glad to show them to you.

Who is going to answer the post from the Glendo Newbie? There must be someone out there besides me that would like to take a shot at it.

Let’s touch on the outstanding water bills since someone brought it up. When the past mayor got elected she inherited a large amount of unpaid water bills. It sort of put her in a bind because the biggest offender was her boss. Ouch!! In a town this size with the limited pool of people willing to undergo the flack that comes with holding any office it’s really hard to avoid some sort of conflict of interest. No one seemed to want to do anything about collecting those outstanding bills until the state auditors came in and said it had to happen. They have cut the amount owed down quite a bit and seem to be willing to change the rules so it doesn’t happen again. Bravo to them. I guess if you want to question these bills you would have to ask why they were allowed to remain unpaid for so long and who authorized it.

If no one thinks up a new name for me or uses words too large for my pea brain to absorb, and refrains from making statements no seems to understand, I should be back soon. It may be time to begin the discussion on election. There is one coming up soon!!


Till then,

The Shadow
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Still Telling It Like It Is, and Not Likely to Stop Soon

Go ahead and admit it!! You thought I had gone away because everyone seemed to be up in arms over some of the stuff I wrote. Well no such luck.

I thought I better take a go at some of the comments:


Let’s talk about the previous town clerk. She was an asset to the town. She also was in charge of things she shouldn’t have been. Previous mayors & city councils found it easier to let her handle things rather than do their own job. After a long period of time a person sort of assumes that it’s now their job. The pressure of the liquor license problem probably did stress her out but it was some time after that was settled that she left.  I think the one point we are missing here is that the new town clerk is also an asset to the town. Things go a lot smoother when all parties pull their share of the load.



Even neighborhoods in large cities pull together when hard times fall on their neighbors. Would you not pull someone out of the lake that you saw going under for the 3rd time just because they didn’t vote the same way you do? I doubt it.

It seems to be common thinking in today’s world that a disagreement of ideas means you hate each other. I know on my part that’s simply not true. I have always believed everyone is entitled to an opinion. I do find that a lot of people have never thought their opinion thru enough to really make it theirs. People seem to lock on someone else’s opinion and call it theirs without really knowing what it is. Those people would be the sheep one of the comments mentioned.

Here’s something to think about!! Think about your very best friend. Have you ever had a disagreement with them? Could you tell them they were going in the wrong direction without harming that friendship? What if the roles were reversed and they told you that you were heading in the wrong direction? What would that do to the friendship.? The friend that is only a yes man/women isn’t really a true friend they are just your buddy. There is a big difference!!


Now days we heard a lot about “special interests” and how they corrupt those around them. Would voting on things that may directly affect your place of employment be considered voting for a “special interest”?? Is that a bad thing if your livelihood hangs in the balance? We don’t hear a lot about standing up for your core values anymore. Everything seems to be with our self as the main focus in life. With that sort of attitude it’s really hard for someone to explain their point of view.


When’s the last time you sat down with someone you really disliked [without being sure why you disliked them] and listened to their side of the story????


Till we meet again,


The Shadow


PS: By this time you have asked everyone you thought could be me if they were. Give it up. I’m not who you think I am!!!

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Looking at Clouds From Both Sides Now

    Café Coalition – Jay Collins Groupie. What does all that mean?? Are you sure I’m not the person sitting next to you at the Diamond A and figured it was time for the full story to be told??

    One comment said this would be a good thing if both sides got aired. I agree totally.

    It seems that in today’s culture rather than discuss facts and debate those facts the approved tactic is to attack on personal grounds and grind the opposition into dust. The Shadow thought in a town of 229 people we could get past that. Was I mistaken?? 

    Maybe it’s time for the “ruling party” to come out with some sort of detailed plan of what they want Glendo to become and how they plan to work toward that. Then maybe the unheard “ruled party” would be able to understand and some of the tension would disappear. The “ruled party” understands how this democracy thing works. If you have the most votes you win. Now days the winner just assumes the “ruled” no longer has a voice or input into matters that affect them. An example of that would be why 4 members of the city council feel they represent only those people that think-act and feel like they do. Who represents those others??  Surely there must be at least one member that is able to think independently and be able to act on the good of the town rather than rubber stamp everything of one member!!

    Maybe it’s time the council looked up what happened to the lady that said “let them eat cake”. Things work differently in our civilized society but there is still the ballot box to take back your town!!

    Let’s hear it from those that feel they are the “other party”!! Try to keep it civil!!


Once again I am,


The Shadow

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Who is it? Why is it here? Why now?

Ok, Ok!! I figure there are a couple of questions in the minds of the people out there about the Shadow. Who is it? Why are they doing this?


Question #1- Who is The Shadow? You won't know that anytime soon if ever. There is a reason for that. A lot of the times, people that do these sorts of things are looking to make a name for themselves or they stay in the shadows because they are unable to speak out in public. I choose to remain anonymous to end that argument before it begins.


Question #2- Why has The Shadow appeared on Wheaterville? I was always taught to stand up for what’s right even if you know there’s a chance you will probably lose. There are a lot of people out there looking for someone to take their side against the oppressors of this world. Why not me?? And why not now?


The word oppressor may seem to not suit what goes on in a small town like Glendo but if you stop and think about it I feel it fits. It doesn’t have to be a large number of people that are being oppressed. It can even be one on one. That’s the sort of thinking that breeds bullies in the schoolyard and workplace. How many times have you heard people in charge dismiss someone’s idea or opinion as stupid rather than attempt to explain in calm terms why it was wrong?  Maybe even be open to changing your outlook on the subject. That is what we are trying to do here. We want to bring the things that affect our small town out into the light of day.

It could be that the “ruling party” may be right at times. No one here believes they are evil and out to ruin our town but it’s time they began to hear from all the people rather than just the “yes people” that surround them. I say to them: "Get out among the folks and see what they are thinking. It may give you a whole new outlook on life!!"

You may want to be angry about all of this but remember it takes a lot less energy to be happy.  


Till next time,   The Shadow

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Who's Who in Glendo?

When I began this I thought I would have two categories of people I wanted to talk about.  I figured they would be “heroes’ and villains”. After thinking that thru I felt “hero” may be over the top and “villain” may be too harsh. With those two names out of the mix and no ideas emanating from my brain cells, I put it up to you the public to come up with names for the people in the news of Glendo. I’ll give you a few examples and stand back and let you have at it.

#1- Mayor Jay Collins who is trying his hardest to improve-repair-attract new people amid other things like running his construction business and the family ranch but is blocked by the “ruling party” at every turn for the only apparent reason being that he defeated their idol by one vote!!

#2- The new owners of Howard's General Store for the wonderful improvements they are making that will not only improve their business but really improve the entrance to the town.

#3- The ladies that banded together to make Glendo Days 2007 a success but got nothing but grief from the “ruling party”. They have now formed a nonprofit and will be doing Glendo Days without the help [or grief] of the city council.

#4- The young people who put together the Mud Bog Races during Glendo Days and whose hard work made it a roaring success. 

Now the others:

#1- A city council that said having Glendo Days on the weekend of the 4th of July would bring to many people to town and put a strain on our services.

#2- The same group that wouldn’t approve $850 for a map of our area that could be used by the EMT’s and the fireman. There was grant money available to pay the balance. They felt it would turn the town into realtors.

#3- The same group that professes to only want low priced housing built here in Glendo for single mothers and low wage earners.

Well there are the examples. See if you can come up with names for the two groups.

Speaking of Glendo Days, here's some information.

Glendo Days will be the weekend of July 4th. The two ladies that put so much effort into last year will be in charge again this year along with all those that donated their time and effort to help. The two main characters in this are Dorothy Williams and Tammy Gentry. Dorothy will be running for a seat on the city council in May. Last I heard there will be another Mud Bog that weekend run by the same people but in another location to avoid hassle with the city. The bars are planning on taking care of the street dance. 

If you are too bashful to make a comment on our page but feel strongly about something the Shadow has an e-mail address that you can write to and keep it private.

Keep your head down and your powder dry till we meet again!! 

The Shadow

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About that 1% Sales Tax in Glendo...

The Shadow planned on beginning with other things but as one comment asked “what is the city’s project for the 1% sales tax so I may as well begin there.

This is a divided town. No one seems to know for sure why that is. It seems that the folks who frequent the salons in town feel they have been put upon by those that don’t frequent those places. They don’t seem to have any specific examples of this abuse and deny their feelings. Those on the receiving end of those feelings know full well they are there.

We will now call these folks the “ruling party” and those under this oppression the “ruled”. In my mind I can begin to see the steam rising from their heads!! The city council is dominated by this “ruling party” and their one job in life seems to be to vote against anything suggested by Mayor Jay Collins. They have been very successful up to this point.

That brings us to the 1% project. The Mayor seems to feel the infrastructure in town needs updating or repair. The “ruling party” wants to bring the old Cottonwood Hall to town and turn it into a Community Center. There was a wonderful lady that passed away awhile back and the claim is that she wanted to see this project completed. The “ruling party” has been raising funds for this and has done well. The problem is the majority of the people in town seem to be against the idea. Although the council is elected to carry out the will of the people, that doesn’t seem to carry a lot of weight here.

When questioned about costs and other things that would have to be done before even beginning one seems to run up against a stone wall. There has been talk of how the town people would flock to help do all the work needed on this building for free. I don’t see that happening but I have been wrong before.

I don’t think the “ruling party” has even gone as far as having someone tell them the building could even make the trip up here. I would think they might have a professional check it out and then quote them a price for doing it.

The reason you are unable to get any answers is because it is to be decided at the next council meeting in March. Those of you out there that have nothing constructive to do on Wed. March 5, 2008 @ 7PM might want to hop in your car and drop in on the meeting. It may prove to be more entertaining than anything on TV that night.


Until next time!!!!                                              The Shadow

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Say Welcome to The Glendo Shadow

The streets of Wheaterville are stretching...nowdays, if you pick your nose in Glendo, you might read about it here on The GlendoShadow’s Page. If you help a neighbor in distress or shovel someone’s sidewalk just because, the Shadow will be happy to report that too. Don’t be bashful Glendo…ask questions, make comments, and talk back. The Shadow wants to hear from you. We in Wheaterville don’t necessarily endorse everything or anything The Shadow writes…we just provide the soapbox. We’ll also be monitoring the Comments, so if you want yours to be published you have to play nice. What’s nice? Observe the not-so-fine line between good clean gossip and just-to-be-nasty mudslinging. If you don’t know what “libel” means, look it up. Hint: if you’re a public official you pretty much have to take what comes at you…but you’ll always be able to present your side of things…that’s the Wheaterville way. 

Might some of this tick you off? Sure. Might some of it make you smile? We hope so.

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I am the Shadow that lurks in the background of Glendo watching the lives and actions of its citizens good and bad!! I now think it’s time the world [or at least the surrounding areas] knows what’s going on in this little town.

It’s time those working for the betterment of the town get the credit due them along with those attempting to stop any progress and suppress the voice of the people. It’s also time for the people of Glendo to have a place to vent without the scorn brought against them by the ruling party. This will be the place for all of that but remember it will not work without your input.

All input will be welcome but keep in mind that this is a public forum and we would like to deal in facts. When it’s just your opinion please tell us. You must be prepared to back up what you say so think through it before you send it. Nothing should be out of bounds if we keep it civil.

- The Shadow :: Wheatland, Wyoming's alternative newspaper glorified blog

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