Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Who is it? Why is it here? Why now?

Who is it? Why is it here? Why now?
The Shadow

Ok, Ok!! I figure there are a couple of questions in the minds of the people out there about the Shadow. Who is it? Why are they doing this?


Question #1- Who is The Shadow? You won't know that anytime soon if ever. There is a reason for that. A lot of the times, people that do these sorts of things are looking to make a name for themselves or they stay in the shadows because they are unable to speak out in public. I choose to remain anonymous to end that argument before it begins.


Question #2- Why has The Shadow appeared on Wheaterville? I was always taught to stand up for what’s right even if you know there’s a chance you will probably lose. There are a lot of people out there looking for someone to take their side against the oppressors of this world. Why not me?? And why not now?


The word oppressor may seem to not suit what goes on in a small town like Glendo but if you stop and think about it I feel it fits. It doesn’t have to be a large number of people that are being oppressed. It can even be one on one. That’s the sort of thinking that breeds bullies in the schoolyard and workplace. How many times have you heard people in charge dismiss someone’s idea or opinion as stupid rather than attempt to explain in calm terms why it was wrong?  Maybe even be open to changing your outlook on the subject. That is what we are trying to do here. We want to bring the things that affect our small town out into the light of day.

It could be that the “ruling party” may be right at times. No one here believes they are evil and out to ruin our town but it’s time they began to hear from all the people rather than just the “yes people” that surround them. I say to them: "Get out among the folks and see what they are thinking. It may give you a whole new outlook on life!!"

You may want to be angry about all of this but remember it takes a lot less energy to be happy.  


Till next time,   The Shadow

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