Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Is That a Rumor I Hear?

Is That a Rumor I Hear?
The Shadow
Hello again!! 

The Shadow never said s/he/we knew it all. As far as rumors go! If you put a rumor out there and someone has the facts and makes them public, then it’s no longer a rumor.  Could it be that people would rather have a rumor out there than the facts? Isn’t that the big complaint about government today??  I thought everyone wanted government to be transparent so they could know what is going on and get involved if they wanted to.

There may be more than one shadow but they all post “in one accord”. If the Ace just deleted the post the person would continue to try it. I agree the post was funny but why not use your own alias and begin a string of comments?

It may be time someone rose up in the surrounding towns to do the job the Shadow is doing in Glendo. As long as we are into old time radio I think the next one should be The Lone Ranger. There must be one out there!! 

Keep looking over your shoulder!! 

The Shadow 
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