Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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It's The Shadow's Turn to Ask Some Questions!

It's The Shadow's Turn to Ask Some Questions!
The Shadow
Good Day All!! 

Kudos to everyone for playing nice over the holiday weekend! I assume everyone had better things to do than play on this site. It appears that LMAO may make a good referee if they are up to it.

Well I think it’s time to get back down to business. I asked if any of you out there had any questions for the city council and have yet to get one. I thought maybe if I listed a few you could pick one or maybe they would stir up so you hadn’t thought about. 

Maybe a good starting point would be the latest posts concerning those “elected officials” in Wheaterville. Let’s use their concerns to shine a light on what we have been promised here in Glendo that has yet to materialize. Remember tho, we are in the “playing nice” stage so keep it civil.


#1- What ever happened to “The Economic Development”? There was a person assigned to that.


#2- Where’s the sign for the town on the highway. There is money sitting there for it.


#3- Did we get the information for the Capitol One project in on time?


It appears that the people down state put the noise problem off till next time. Will someone from the city council be working on that project to see if there are any funds currently available for us to work out the problem on our own?

 Will the city council ever get up nerve enough to appoint a citizens group made up of people other than those that agree with every thing they do or to help them work on the town projects that they are too busy to complete?

That should get us started. I’ll be looking for your e-mail


Till we meet again!! 

The Shadow
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