Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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New Year, New Stuff

New Year, New Stuff

2009 in Wheatland, WY and the surrounds looks like the times they are a' changin'.

WADCO is PCED...New Year, New Name. Wheatland Area Development COrporation (WADCO) is now Platte County Economic Development (PCED). New executive director coming soon, and a new website too...former ed Susan Jenkins had Big Wind Guys in town and they were NOT just talking hot air. 2009 could bring more wind and more economic development to Platte County, and PCED will be a driving force.

For instance, take a photo of the drive on I25 between Wheatland and Chugwater sometime this year. Odds are it's going to look mighty different by the time 2014 rolls around. That's been named The Wind Corridor by wind folks in the know--pretty soon you'll be able to connect the dots between the wind turbines, 'cuz folks, we got wind, lots of it, and the gov'ment gots cash to spend on turning it into energy.

That Big, Wonderful, New nursing home in Wheatland? Sounds like Platte County Economic Development there too. There's a timeline on this and lots of checkpoints--stay tuned and get involved. The good news is that the new nursing home will affect just about everyone at some point. Make it what you want it to be.

Get involved in PCED, get involved in the Chamber of Commerce, support local businesses, stick your nose into local politics, contribute time and ideas to your town and be a part of all the positive that's happening. 

You don't have to "go with the flow" but you should at least jump into the water.

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