Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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On Taxes, Health Care, and Big Business

On Taxes, Health Care, and Big Business
The Shadow
I just knew there was someone out there that wanted to come out and play. All it took was one comment. Good job all!!

I give you the fact that the Repubcrats lost their mind over spending. Maybe DC is just evil and we should move the Gov. to someplace like Wyoming so they would want to do their job and go home because there were no fancy parties to attend!! 

I think a lot of people like me didn’t vote got McCain but rather voted against Barry O. I find it hard to vote for a man that stands for everything I am against but that’s just me!! I figure Abortion is every one’s choice but I still don’t understand why my tax money has to pay for it. The people that are against smoking don’t have to pay for the smoker’s stuff. I’m one of those fools that still like freedom and don’t need the feds telling what to eat and so forth. 

As far as I can see health care is not a right. Looking back a ways in history could it be that when we began allowing the lawyers to sue anyone in sight and the doctors had to get bigger & bigger insurance policies to protect them self the cost began to rise to where it is today. Maybe we should do something about “tort reform”.
If we stick it to every big business in the country who is it that will be paying for all those things that we are asking the Gov. to supply us with? I suppose the Gov. could print more money but doesn’t that cause inflation? Who wants to take a wheelbarrow full of money to the store to buy some food? Like it or not business is what makes this country run. That includes ranchers, farmers and all those small business folks around your town. I’m sure everyone out there understands that when they raise taxes on business they pass it along to us!! I think drunk drivers are bad news but I don’t want them to tax the bars out of business or even the package business. Isn’t it about time we figured out that we don’t have to participate in or even listen to things we don’t agree with. Do we really need the Gov. to silence everything and everyone that disagrees with them??

As far as worldview goes, my hasn’t really changed as much as it has matured. My Father told ne that would happen as I grew older. Still a lot of people out there that feel they got shafted along the line and want to get even but they can’t figure it out on their own so they want Gov. or someone else to do it for them. What happens when you get what you want and those below you decide they are going to take your away because it’s unfair that they don’t have the same thing?? How will that affect your worldview?
That’s enough for now!!
The Shadow
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