Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Somebody Shut Those Palins Up Already!

Somebody Shut Those Palins Up Already!
Screaming Bitch
David Letterman made some tacky jokes about Sarah Palin's knocked up daughter Bristol. As far as anyone listening knew, Bristol was so far the only Palin daughter who'd been knocked up, and she was, knocked up, as in she got preggers when she didn't intend to. That's knocked up.

But, The Palins, never folks to let a morsel of free publicity die, dragged little Willow into it, yelling as loud as they could that little Willow was at the yankee's game, not knocked up Bristol.

Next, they embellished the story by claiming that Letterman advocated that 14-year old not-knocked-up-yet-as-far-as-we-know Willow have some cheap sex on the infield. Letterman never implied, much less said, much less joked about any such thing.

But the Palins, Sarah and Baby Daddy Todd, both started using the word "rape" in their "look at me I'm on TV" antics, and then said that Willow wouldn't be safe around David Letterman. Who gave those whack jobs a microphone?

Letterman appologized for the Palin's ignorance, repeated what he said because obviously they hadn't actually HEARD the jokes. He even said he regretted saying them...but "I regret about thousands of things I've said on this show". Letterman even invited Sarah and Todd to come on the show but apparently they have caught on that they are no match for someone like Letterman. (Sarah's still quaking in her boots from that mean and nasty Katie Couric who pulled her pigtails so hard!)

Point is, the Palins are the bad guys now. Letterman did the right thing by apologizing and explaining the joke for those that didn't get it.

Sarah and Todd however, are just going to continue to drag their daughters through the mud. She'll certainly bring it al up again when she announces she's running for Prez too, so grow your skin thicker kids, your momma ain't gonna show no mercy if it'll win her a percentage point. 

Everyone else is on to something WAS a funny Top Ten List, (sorry Sarah, but it was) but the rest of us are on to the one that came after. Leave the girls at home with the cook and the nanny next time if they, or you, can't be trusted to just enjoy a few days in NYC.

Not being a Celebrity, but instead just a Screaming Bitch, I can say anything I want and don't have to apologize to anyone. Ah, the freedom of being Nobody. Love it.
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