Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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What Would Sarah Do?

What Would Sarah Do?
Damned if anyone knows! Just when you think the Palinator is given her last stupid speech she comes out with another one. In this latest 18 minutes of rambles, amidst the appropos squacking of geese, Sarah dropped the bomb: "I'm not going to seek a second term as Gov of Alaska."

Oh wait, that wasn't the bomb. We all had that figured out. The bomb was that she was going to wuss out on staying Gov of Alaska for her FIRST term! The ONLY thing she had going for her...besides of course her foreign policy expertise from having Russia visible from her porch...she's going to quit. Just quit.

Move out of the gov mansion (and give up the rent she was charging the taxpayers to stay there!), give up the cook (she'd already moved her to another position, but still), and just give it all up to raise those babies and devote her attention to helping the people of Alaska "from the outside."

Oooh mama. You are so outside you're almost back inside!

She asked "the most important people in my life, my kids" and got a resounding "yes" when she asked if she should quit. You gotta love the little Palins..."drill baby drill" and "quit mamma quit".

What's next for Miss Sarah? BBQs and grandma's day at school? Will Todd give in to "sparkings" now that he won't be in the spotlight? What will David Letterman talk about? Will Bristol score tickets to the Michael Jackson Memorial? What of Willow? And young Levi-Baby-Daddy? Will Oprah still talk to him?

We can hardly wait to see what comes out of Sarah next.
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