Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Nothing on Health Care, But a Little on Everything Else

Nothing on Health Care, But a Little on Everything Else
The Shadow
To the dismay of some I am still here lurking in the shadows of Glendo. I have been enjoying the nifty summer and keeping up with all the hullaballoo on this website. Great dialog going on and that’s what keeps honest people honest. The others, only jail time solves that!!

I have read a lot of Dr. King’s writings and speeches and our country today looks nothing like what his vision was. Too bad because what he envisioned would have been great. I did run across another quote from a guy by the name of John Milton. Try Google if you want to know who he is! He noted years ago: those who want truth to prevail can tolerate free speech, because truth eventually will win out, but those who proclaim falsehood must be totalitarian: they can only survive and thrive by throttling discussion.

What’s happening Glendo? Glendo days went off without a major hitch even with the city council trying their best to make it fail. The Mud Bog drew a big crowd and the food people even had “funnel cakes”. How cool is that. The Pair-a-dice has reopened and the food is very good. You might want to stop by and say hello to Amy. The menu is big for such a small place. Much more than just burgers!!

They are moving along on the new Emergency vehicle building. They are not calling it a fire hall!! It will be 80 x 120 and have 4 doors on each side. They began advertizing and the response has been really good according to Brenda. There will be a pre bid meeting Aug. 3 and a bid opening on Aug. 17. With any luck at all something should happen before the snow flies. Once it is finished it should spiffy up the look of Main Street.
I’m sure a lot of you out there are beginning to feel the pinch in today’s economy. I’m sure people would be interested in hearing any ideas you might have on how to snug up to get along. This would be the time to reacquaint with your friends and neighbors rather than pick a fight over small things. It’s a lot easier with a bunch of people pulling the cart than it is pulling it by your self!! The first things those that want to run every aspect of our lives have to do is get the people fighting among them selves. If you are looking for the “free lunch” thing remember some one has to pay. Who would you like that some one to be? How about you kids or maybe even your parents? Something to think about.
From out of the dark places in Glendo,
I am the Shadow!!
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