Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Catching Up With the Glendo Shadow

Catching Up With the Glendo Shadow
The Shadow
Well it seems as though winter is beginning. The leaves are off the trees and the light of day is shining on our sleepy little town once again. We seem to have had an uneventful summer season. Glendo Days was good, the Mud Bog a success and there seemed to be almost as many people at the park and in town. Could be the economy didn’t affect us as much as we thought it would. The Emergency Vehicle is well under way and has a projected completion date of Jan. 2010 unless we get some really bad weather.

Once again the town election is coming to the fore front. Although it is several months away there are stirrings in the citizen ranks. Not much doubt on the Mayor part but a lot of guesses about the council side of the equation. Not much for Susan to run on this time. Jay has brought most of the important projects to completion. The sewers are finished; the water system is up to speed. The rates have increased to cover costs because it had been so long without an increase and as stated above the new building is going up before our very eyes.

There is one troubling thing going on in the city government again. The rumors coming out of the council meetings is that the water billing system is in the arrears again to the tune of $5000 give or take a couple of bucks. This was a problem in the past and had seemed to be taken care of and we are wondering how and why it seems to be slipping back into the same old routine. I’m sure there are people hurting but they need to come forward and ask for help rather than just not pay their bills. If the hurting people are friends of the council member’s maybe it’s time to talk it over with them and see what sort of help is available!! The word out of the last council meeting was that they sort of threw the Town Clerk under the bus and declared it her problem. How could that be?? I thought the Council ran the town and she worked for them?? Brenda works hard at her job and needs the council to back her up with some hard rules that they step up and put their name to not push it off on the workers. Maybe that could be Susan’s next campaign promise!!!!

Did I forget to mention the new town sign?? It turned out nice but sits a little low and is sort of hard to see. The workman ship is really nice but maybe some lighting might help!! What do you citizens have to say?
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