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Nancy's Book Nook Reviews

Nancy's Book Nook Reviews
Nancy Munier

Wheaterville is absolutely delighted that Nancy has agreed to let us print reviews she writes of the books she reads. We're betting it'll be an eclectic and electrifying collection, so stay tuned! Here we go with Nancy's first review of "iWoz"...who knew she read this kind of stuff?



      Read a really different (for me anyway) book.


Non-fiction-science/technology book came in the store and I just figured I would skim enough so I could tell folks about it... I spent the rest

of the day and part of the night reading it!    "iWoz" by Steve Wozniak with Gina Smith. 

      This book is a New York Times bestseller.  But even without that recommendation (...some of the "bestsellers" are plumb awful if you ask me) this is one fun read.  Steve writes with enthusiasm and excitement and let me tell you, he has tales to tell.  The part about messing with the computers at the University of Colorado is a hoot.   But, I am getting ahead of myself.

      In short, the book is about Steve Wozniak and inventing the personal computer. It is a biography of the founder of Apple computer.  This makes the book sound awfully dull.  Surprise! It is the story of a smart kid who is a fantastic engineer, and tells a great story.  His happy-go-lucky style comes thru in this book. There are a few very technical parts in the book but they don't really interfere with the easy reading style.  You very quickly get caught up in the impish antics of a bunch of  school kids as Steve tells of inventing stuff and pulling pranks with them. (Actually some of the first few chapters could get some kids in trouble today too.)

      I would say this book, and Steve's story, could be inspirational, motivational, and great for business  people.  I handed a copy to Justin (our resident computer geek) and he texted me late that evening. "I don't normally read books, but I can't put it down!".  So if it sparks that reaction in someone who is normally with his head in a computer, then I think it must be pretty good reading.


iWoz  by Steve Wozniak with Gina Smith

Published by W.W. Norton & Company 2007 Paper back

$14.95                    ISBN  978-0-*393-33043-4


Available at Wheatland Mercantile Book Nook

            875 Gilchrist St

            Wheatland, WY    82201

307.322.1725 or 877.322.1725


Your local downtown bookstore/custom gunshop/ stitchery store/ Internet hotspot and engraving place.


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