Nailing Jello
Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Guernsey Gab
Nailing Jello
Wheat Sprouts
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Enter at your own risk
If you are easily offended, politically squeamish, or insecure about your hat size, just turn away now because ultimately, you WILL get ticked off by something you read here.
So, faint of heart and faint of humor, please divert your clicking finger NOW. Go Google yourself or flirt with your eighth-grade girlfriend on Facebook instead. There’s no whining in this sandbox.
Keep Your COMMENTS Clean
Life ain't fair. Woody gets to cuss and swear, but if you're adding a Comment to Wheaterville, even on something you read in "Nailing Jello to a Tree", YOU have to KEEP YOUR COMMENTS free of bad words. You know what those are. And no racist or bigoted kind of crap either. We'll take you down and cut you off. Free speech only goes so far, and the rule on Wheaterville is you have to be able to say what you write to Sister Mary Agnes. So discuss amongst yourselves, but if you want anyone to read it, write nice.
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