Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Thanks, neighbor!

Because it's too cold for most of the year to go shout your stuff on Wheatland street corners, we're giving you the Wheaterville Announcements Page. Say "Thank You" to someone or to everyone. Remind folks about fundraisers, benefits, and birthday card campaigns. Some people say they "don't read Wheaterville". More folks say they don't read the local paper.
Write your Announcement. Then check it. Then check it again. Read it out loud to the dog to make sure it sounds right and you've included all the pertinent info. See... we at Wheaterville can't know everything. And we think it's obvious, but we'll say it anyway: Don't be rude, crude, insulting or demeaning to anybody. Save that for Over the backfence.

Add a thank-you note

Here’s how it works: Submit your message. Include an e-mail address so we can verify that you really are you sitting at your desk. :: Wheatland, Wyoming's alternative newspaper glorified blog

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